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bow down, titans


bow down, titans


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first commission is done, thank you so much enjouji!! ♡




first commission is done, thank you so much enjouji!! 


THANK YOU, BB!!! I LOVE IT!!!! <3<3<3<3

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While working on other things, have this! (click on the pictures to read what the familiars are!) (I’ll reblog with further comments, it was just too long to have here!)

Eren- is working with perspective magic! He can literally change his perspective by growing in size (he can probably get smaller too, but so far they haven’t had any use for it, and to him it’s not cool enough. He barely has control over his growing, not at all over shrinking). All witches can do all magic, but they usually have a particular talent for some area. Eren’s is actually to enter people’s minds as a spectator, not manipulating or anything, just see and experience someone else’s consciousness. That’s his REAL perspective power, but he doesn’t understand how to use it in the right way, and doesn’t value it at all.

Mikasa- plant powers, and has during the years almost perfected a pertculary agressive type of growing magic. She can make things grow everywhere, and  uses branches, leaves and wines as dangerous weapons.

Armin- word magic. He weaves long and advanced sentences and spells with different meanings and manipulative powers. He searches for and builds new words, and has an ability to comprehend the meaning and very core of them, what they stand for and their underlying meaning.

Jean- magic of warmth. He can create fire from almost anything, and much like a firbender throw and manipulate it! He starts out reckless, powerfull but very narrowminded in it’s use. Slowly he learns that there’s more to his powers than just being a live flamethrower, like heating up things, control the temperature and by doing that allow certain chemical/physical reactions and warming people.

Marco- Working with herbs and using them in healing magic, often in the form of different gels and lotions.

Sasha- Sense magic. She can heighten her or others senses, like smell or eyesight or hearing. So far she isn’t that good at it, and can only increase ONE of the five senses on ONE person at the time. (Her ability also includes to heighten a sixth sense, but she’s not anywhere near discovering that yet)

Connie- His magic is kind of similar to Sasha’s, that why they hang out! He has a talent for eyesight magic, allowing zooming in and out, fisheye and panorama seeing, much like a very good camera! Because he’s not that good with it yet, he use a pair of glasses to perform his magic (since it’s actually more of a lense magic) and he and Sasha together decided to make it a wink to Harry Potter. Sometimes he draws a scar on his forehead just because.

Reiner- illusion magic. He’s super powerfull, and can make incredibly realistic illusions that could fool anyone. Unfortunately, it’s a double edged sword: he too foten gets dragged into the illusion, forgetting that it isn’t real.

Bertl- like Marco, he works a lot with herbs. But he usually makes incenses (translated from wikipedia, I hope that’s the right word in english for it) for different purposes. Like healing, sleeping, harming, and more.

Annie- I’ve already talked about her, she has water powers, and can change it’s form. But no one knows that (including herself), and think that her powers are simply ice powers.

Ymir and Historia- are a bit special. Historia is incredibly powerful, she can for a short period of time take another witch’s powers. But she can’t use them herself. Only Rob them of their own for a couple of minutes. Until she meets Ymir! And it appears that Historia can take the powers, and give them to Ymir! Ymir herself doesn’t seem to have any powers of her own, but for Historia, she works as a vessel! Together they are extremely powerful and dangerous.

Short about the adults: Hanji is not a witch, she’s just enthusiastic about them. Erwin use word magic too, but in a different way, more in the combination of illusions, you could say it’s a secret making or lying magic. No one really knows a lot about it, obviously. Levi works with athletic magic, affecting the muscles and blood flow and such. No superpowers, just working with whta you have, but that is usually plenty enough, since he’s very good at it! Mike can “smell” magic and the flow of it, it’s a pretty passive, but very useful ability!

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My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

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jean (and his pet fish???) doodles


jean (and his pet fish???) doodles

Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

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